New live videos coming up!

And justice for all... ...Morley fans!

We will shortly release couple of live videos from summer of 2011.
First one is allready out there:
Otherside (Highluotorock)

Stay tuned for more Morley -mayhem.
See you on DECADE OF DOOM tour.
boom boom baby,

Decade of Doom - 10 years of Morley!

An announcement from Johnny Loud (senior):

10 freakin years, man!
It's almost 10 years to the day since I first heard I'd Like To Rock. It was at some steamy houseparty in Turku, Finland. I was on tour with my step-mom`s art exhibition (yep, again) Some chick at the party was blasting out this eerie pop band from Northern Finland. Oulu? Never heard of the place. Eskimo-city?

So I forgot about the chick, but fell in love with this band singing about a Rainman and a flying elephant. I was hooked. Got to see them live at some huge festival in Spain. Addiction got deeper, met the band, fell in love. The usual story.

So now Morley will play 4 special gigs to celebrate their "Decade Of Doom". 10 years of great music and bad luck. My kinda band!
Also their whole recorded catalogue will be released in digital format. Yes, please!
Download the albums, go to the shows, or fuck off. Love you anyway.

"You know some bands are born under lucky stars
Some sleep through the storm, some crash their cars.
So twinkle twinkle little stars, and shine your tender light,
to thousands of worn out bars..."
Morley - Band of doom (previously unreleased track)

MORLEY - DECADE OF DOOM tourdates and venues:
5.4. Äkäslompolo, Selväpyy
6.4. Kuusamo, Veijo
7.4. Raahe, Rytmikellari
8.4. Oulu, 45 Special

Yours in pain,
Johnny Loud - Bushfuck Records


An announcement from Johnny Loud (senior):

Hello dear Morley-maniacs,
I've been sweating my ass off at my step-moms art gallery, Merry Marianne's Art Dart Club in Reykjavik. First time in Iceland and I gotta tell you that Icelanders truly know how to boogie hard...

Anyways, Pentti just mailed me that Morley's gonna play couple of special shows this summer before a brief break from recording, touring and posing in teen magazines etc. Sad news, but lets make these summer shows the most memorable Morley gigs ever! They really deserve to catch some breath, its been one hectic 2011-2012.

Until they rise again,
Let's Oh La La motherfuckers!

yours in pain,
Johnny Loud

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DECADE OF DOOM 2012 - 10 years of Morley

05.04 Äkäslompolo, Selväpyy

06.04 Kuusamo, Veijo

07.04 Raahe, Rytmikellari

08.04 Oulu, 45 Special